The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place is an area for members of the congregation to gather for fellowship, coffee, and light breakfast items every Sunday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. during the Fall and Winter months.

The Gathering Place also hosts regular events, meetings and functions throughout the year. The room has a stage which can be used for performances or possibly a worship area, tables, a lounge area, free Wi-Fi, kitchen with coffee and snack items, and a large screen for viewing worship services, movies, videos, etc. The space can also be used for various other activities and is open to the public for private events.

The goal for creating the Gathering Place back in early 2011 was to have a space where the congregation can come together as one church family.  The location previously held old Chapel at Christ Church that housed worship services and small weddings. Members of the congregation volunteered their time and money to remove the old pews, lay new floor and renovate the space to become a modern Gathering Place that flourishes with people and fellowship every Sunday morning.

Whether you are a current member of the church or a new visitor, we invite you to The Gathering Place this Sunday for a cup of coffee and fellowship!