Visitation Ministries

On Sunday mornings we are blessed to come to Sunday School and Worship Services at Christ Church.  Are you aware of the fact that many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are not able to attend because they are shut-in at home, in nursing homes or in the hospital. 
We have dedicated persons that visit these unfortunate people.  We have a Visitation Ministry to call on shut-ins and we have a Hospital Ministry to call on those folk. We have a Telephone Ministry to call those who live alone and we send cards and letters to those who have moved out of town to be closer to their relatives.
Also, if you know of a shut-in who is not being called or visited, please call the church office.
We are called upon to serve the Lord—we are all “blest to be a blessing “to others.  Please call me and say “I would love to be a blessing”—God will smile upon you and you will bring love and joy to others.