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For more information and pricing on baptisms and blessing please contact the church office at 610-865-6565 or


Baptisms are for Christians who would like to bring their child into the church as a spiritual member.  The congregation will then help grow the spiritual life of the child.  The baptisms are performed during our worship services on Sunday mornings, and the child is baptized with Holy water from our baptismal font.  Sponsors (godparents) are welcomed with stand with the baby as they are welcomed into the spiritual world.  For baptisms the first few pews are reserved so families have a front row seat to see the child get baptized.  Pictures of the occasion are welcomed and encouraged.



You may not want to opt-in to the "traditional baptism" if you are not a regular member of a church or if you and your partner are of different faiths.  However, you or your family members may want your child to still have a spiritual presence in their life.  If so, a blessing may be the right fit for you.  We can offering private blessings at the church as well as other off-site locations.

Baby in Baptism Clothes
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