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In person Worship Services at Christ Church
has resumed at 10:00am.
You can stream our services on our
Facebook page Sundays at 10:00am.

9:30 AM (not available at this time)

A worship service in the Gathering Place with coffee, conversation and a casual atmosphere.  This worship service is upbeat and contemporary.  We meet in small groups and share what is going on in our lives and figure out how God is involved.  Coffee and bagels are served in a coffee shop setting.

If you are searching for something "different", this weekly service may be for you.  The message will be relevant to daily living.  The music will be both lively and meditative.  We will pray together and read scripture and help each other to better understand the Bible.  This service is designed for worshipers who want to participate, interact and feel the Spirit.  All Christians are invited as are those who are less sure about what they believe.

Join us on this spiritual journey to discover Jesus in new ways.


10:00 AM

A worship service in the main sanctuary with a sermon, prayer and traditional hymns.

If you are searching for a worship experience which is more on the "traditional" side, this may be for you.  The music at this service is meaningful, with a thirty-member choir who sings to both piano and organ accompaniment.  Communion is served the first Sunday of the month.  

All Christians are invited to come and worship Jesus.

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